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Immunodominant Epitopes Identified for Designing Peptide-Based Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2

By Merav Burstein | Jun 14, 2020

There are currently no licensed vaccines available for COVID-19.  While several antiviral drugs have been tested, none has proved to be completely effective against the disease. In a study just published in the journal MDPI Vaccines, researchers from Bar-Ilan University have identified a set of potential immunodominant epitopes from the SARS-CoV-2 proteome.  These epitopes are capable […] Read More

Researchers Develop Technology That Transforms Tap Water into Powerful, Environmentally-Friendly Disinfectant Against Viruses, Including Coronavirus

By Merav Burstein | Jun 8, 2020

searchers from Bar-Ilan University have developed new methodologies to produce powerful, environmentally-friendly disinfectants, based on tap water, that can eliminate bacteria and kill viruses, including microbes from the coronavirus family. The ability to turn ordinary tap water into virus-fighting materials was developed and patented by Dr. Eran Avraham, Dr. Izaak Cohen, and  Prof. Doron Aurbach, […] Read More

“מועדון ארוחת הבוקר של ביראד” יצא לדרך

By Merav Burstein | Dec 3, 2019

החודש התקיים המפגש הראשון של  “מועדון ארוחת הבוקר של ביראד”. למפגש הפותח הוזמנה מנכ”לית ומייסדת Gsap חברת ייעוץ המספקת שירותי רגולציה, קליניקה, איכות וולידציה לתעשיות הפארמה, התרפיה התאית והמכשור הרפואי,  שנתנה הרצאה בנושא: שיקולים בפיתוח תרופות ושימוש דיאגנוסטי בננו-חלקיקים.  פרופ‘ שולמית מיכאלי, סגנית הנשיא למחקר, שנתנה את ברכתה למהלך, פתחה את סדרת המפגשים וציינה שישנה חשיבות […] Read More

Researchers Develop New Technology to Produce Powerful Disinfectant Based on Tap Water

By Merav Burstein | May 12, 2019

  Researchers at Bar-Ilan University have developed a new and revolutionary technology to produce a powerful disinfectant based on tap water. According to the researchers, the disinfectant doesn’t harm the environment and has many advantages: The material is effective and safe to use, is harmless to humans who smell or drink less than ten liters, and […] Read More

Technologies developed by Bar-Ilan University researchers attracts the attention of Elbit Systems

By Merav Burstein | May 7, 2019

Researchers from Bar-Ilan University recently met with technology leaders from Elbit Systems to examine the possibility of academic research collaborations to advance technologies with potential future applications. The meeting was organized by Marketing department of BIRAD — Research and Development Company Ltd., the commercializing company of Bar-Ilan University. The meeting was attended by approximately 20 […] Read More

Bar-Ilan University holds conference to encourage cooperation with industry

By Merav Burstein | May 7, 2019

Bar-Ilan University’s Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences recently hosted scores of representatives from companies and industry in order to explore opportunities for expanding collaboration. The ongoing drive by Bar-Ilan to turn its research into industrial applications has resulted in the development of a sophisticated infrastructure catering to faculty, graduate students, and collaborations […] Read More