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Bar-Ilan University holds conference to encourage cooperation with industry

By Merav Burstein | May 2, 2019

Bar-Ilan University’s Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences recently hosted scores of representatives from companies and industry in order to explore opportunities for expanding collaboration. The ongoing drive by Bar-Ilan to turn its research into industrial applications has resulted in the development of a sophisticated infrastructure catering to faculty, graduate students, and collaborations […] Read More

Introducing PROSPERA®: A New Sweet Basil Hybrid Resistant to Downy Mildew

By Merav Burstein | Apr 8, 2019

Researchers of Bar-Ilan University, in cooperation with Genesis Seeds Ltd., have developed a hybrid of basil, the culinary herb, which is completely resistant to Downy Mildew, a devastating disease caused by a fungus-like pathogen. The new patented product, contains no pesticides and will provide much-needed relief to farmers and consumers worldwide.   In recent years an […] Read More

הזמנה לכנס בר-אילן לעידוד השת”פ עם התעשייה

By Merav Burstein | Nov 12, 2018

אוניברסיטת בר-אילן והפקולטה למדעי החיים ע”ש מינה ואבררד גודמן  שמחים להזמינכם לכנס בר-אילן לעידוד שת”פ עם התעשייה להרשמה לחץ כאן    

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בבר-אילן נאחזים בכל שטח ומסרבים להתפנות

By Merav Burstein | Nov 11, 2018

באוניברסיטת בר-אילן פתחו חומר כימי המאפשר לייצר צבעים קוטלי חיידקים קיימים בשוק עוד צבעים כאלה, הנקראים ‘אנטי-בקטריאליים’, אבל החומר החדש זול מהם בסדר גודל, פי שלוש קטלני מהם, פי שבע פחות רעיל לבני אדם, משמר את היכולת הזו הרבה יותר זמן (חודשים ושנים) ומכסה מספר רב של סוגי חיידקים.  פרופ’ שי רהימיפור מהמחלקה לכימה באוניברסיטת […] Read More

This is where transected nerves are regenerated – A new Israeli patent

By Merav Burstein | Sep 13, 2018

Professor Orit Shefi, head of BIU’s Neuro-Engineering and Regeneration Laboratory, in Bar-Ilan’s Faculty of Engineering, has invented a method to dramatically enhance the healing of damage stemming from transected nerves. Successful repair of a transected nerve can restore sensory perception and functional recovery to limbs paralyzed in an accident or an injury. This invention has […] Read More

Isotopia Company and Prof. Rachela Popovtzer of Bar-Ilan University are developing an innovative method for diagnosis and treatment of cancer

By Merav Burstein | Jun 3, 2018

The Israeli Isotopia Company, in collaboration with Prof. Rachela Popovtzer of Bar-Ilan University, is conducting a joint study to develop a radioactive marker, based on nanoparticles, for the detection of cancer.   The goal of this research is to facilitate, for the first time, the distinction between tumors and inflammation. The most common imaging method for […] Read More