Working in Situations of Uncertainty and Lack of Control

By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat | May 11, 2018

  One of the more interesting topics in the discussion of the dialogue between the emotional world and business entrepreneurship, management and leadership is working in uncertain and unclear conditions. At the same time, there is also the challenging field of working in, or managing, situations we have no control over. There are, of course, […] Read More

The Management and Organizational “Postponement” Sickness

By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat | Jan 21, 2018

“Do not put off to tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow”; “We will cross that bridge when we get to it”; “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and rest in the shade”; “We will handle it immediately after New Year” – these sayings and many others characterize an entire […] Read More

Self-Discipline and Commercial-Business Success

By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat | Dec 16, 2017

Self-discipline is a very important factor in the business world in general and in the business entrepreneurship world in particular. In fact, self-discipline is a healthy basis not only for the business world but also for good citizenship, proper parenting and conflict-free neighbouring. It is much easier to leave your garbage near the building dumpsters […] Read More


By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat | Dec 16, 2017

Almost our entire life (as youngsters, adults, employees, businessmen, executives etc.) is paved with events that require proper attention from us. Sometimes our reaction to an event depends on our personal abilities, sometimes it is related to our mood at the time, and sometimes we feel, for some reason, as if we are taken over […] Read More

Pressure as a Motivating Factor

By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat | Sep 25, 2017

It is quite clear that people who react to pressure (in their private and professional lives) by becoming incapable will not be able to fulfil any meaningful role. However, people who react to pressure by taking action can fulfil a wide variety of roles. Pressure is a result of many different causes, such as: uncertainty […] Read More

What is Failure?

By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat | Sep 9, 2017

Up until now I have discussed success, its components and the price it bears. But the coin of success has another side, just as important – failure. Failure is not always the opposite of success and it does not always come in its place. Things are much more complex and complicated than that. The way […] Read More