Feeling Lucky?

By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat | Sep 4, 2017

The energies you bring into your life are those that can contribute to your success. These energies are all around you and you just need to gather, accumulate and pack them into yourself in as large amounts as possible. On the way you must filter out and get rid of the disappointments, the failures and […] Read More

The Price of Success

By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat | Aug 24, 2017

Success is perceived by most people as something that can only be enjoyed. When you see a successful person driving a luxury car, traveling the world in first class, or living in a fancy house—the first tendency is to envy their success. However, like every good thing in life, success too has a price and […] Read More

What Is Success?

By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat | Aug 24, 2017

We work hard and naturally wish to succeed. But what is success? What is the meaning of succeeding at work? How is success expressed—not only in the local business world but also, and especially, in the global business world? What is the meaning of succeeding at work and also being very successful in family life? […] Read More

כיצד מתגברים על חוסר השקעות בפיתוח ויצור שבבים חכמים ?

By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat | Aug 23, 2017

תעשיית השבבים הפכה להיות מסוכנת, לא אטרקטיבית ודורשת משאבים גדולים עבור משקיעים למרות שלתעשיית ההייטק הישראלית היסטוריה מפוארת בתחום השבבים, ובאופן סטטיסטי הסיכוי של חברת שבבים בעלת טכנולוגיה ייחודית להצליח בגדול בהרבה משל סטארט אפ המפתח אפליקציות לסלולר או יישומי אינטרנט. למרות נתונים אלה , ישנה ירידה בהשקעות של פיתוח שבבים. פועל ישיר של זה […] Read More