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On artificial intelligence and machine learning

With machine learning, computer systems can learn to perform a task or make a decision without human intervention without being explicitly programmed by people. What are the future applications of machine learning and how they will affect our lives.

By Sarit Kraus Head of the Department of Computer Science and Head of Artificial Intelligence at Bar-Ilan University, is considered a leading expert in the field of artificial intelligence and one of the world's leading scientists in this field.

Israeli High-Tech Book, Ha'aretz, December 2017 (Hebrew)




על בינה מלאכותית ולמידת מכונה.

Researchers seek to beat death: "Animals can teach us a lot about old age "

For thousands of years Eden has not been able to beat death and win eternal life, but some still try.

Several researchers around the country are examining how systems in different animals can teach us about the aging process, and how it can be beat.

Prof. Haim Cohen and other researchers from Bar-Ilan University, researchers are living a little more familiar in the laboratory.

By studying a process that extends the lives of mice by 30 to 40 percent, they hope to succeed and slow aging. In the meantime they had extended the life of the mice by a third.


Chen Lieberman was broadcast on Channel 10 News. 6.8.2017


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