BIRAD Offers Researchers and Industrial Partners Support in 4 Areas


BIRAD grants exclusive and non-exclusive licenses for the commercialization of BIU-based research findings, both to established companies and to new startup ventures established around University technology.

The licenses are granted for specific patents and/or know-how and are limited to a specific field and/or specific products. Licenses include diligence milestones for the development and sale of products covered by the license – to avoid technology "shelving" – and typically include a combination of the following forms of consideration: royalties, milestone payments, upfront fees, equity and/or annual license fees.

Scientific Services

BIRAD facilitates the establishment of scientific service contracts, in which members of the industrial community can take advantage of the University's outstanding knowledge base and technical infrastructure.

Public-Private Funded Agreements

BIRAD facilitates the application for research grants for academic/industrial collaboration offered by the Office of the Chief Scientist, including MAGNET, Magneton and Nofar.   Upon receipt of approvals for such applications, BIRAD and the industrial partner enter into agreements containing the principles described in “Sponsored Research".

Sponsored Research

BIRAD engages proactively in an effort to match University laboratories with industry needs. The value of this approach is clear: meetings between academia and industry have produced a very high level of sponsored research at Bar-Ilan,  exposing the industry with cutting edge science and University to real-world needs.